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Leonplast for the environment
messa in riserva, corepla, conip raccolta plastica da riciclare plastica
iciclo fusti, riciclo cestelli, bins, tubi, riciclo hdpe
Plastic sorting

We offer plastic recovery services, collecting and sorting plastic for its subsequent recovery.

Our plastic sorting centres include waste, unused packaging, sorted waste products etc.

centro riciclo, riciclo, riciclo bottiglie di plastica, riciclo bottiglie pet,

Each day, our operators provide waste sorting services for plastics such as LDPE, HDPE, PP, PE, PVC, EPS, PS, PET, ABS, PC and PMMA, and are committed to promoting awareness about recycling and best waste management processes.

plastica rigenerata, plastica in granuli, plastica rigenerata, plastica nera
Recycled plastic

Thanks to the recycled plastic in our waste sorting centres, it is possible to produce materials from packaging, expanded polystyrene, and plastic granules, with complete respect for the environment and a quality guarantee, backed by ISO 14 001 certification, obtained by our company in 2004.


Leonplast srl is a benchmark in plastic material processing.

Our dedication has allowed to successfully operate in the collection, transport and recycling of plastic coming from working scrap, packaging and separated waste refuse to give new life to this material.


Registered Offices:

Palma Di Montechiaro (AG) 

Tel: +39 0922 965598

Fax: +39 0922 791757

Local department:

Pachino  (SR) 

Tel: +39 0931 597361

Fax: +39 0931 597859